Kite School Tarifa

Kite School Tarifa


WELCOME to our Professional Kite School in Tarifa ; offering kite courses in 6 different languages by a dedicated team of highly qualified IKO instructors. Everything we do is pure Kitesurfing! Tarifa is located at the southernmost point of Spain and is known worldwide as the wind capital of Europe. Are you looking to learn to kitesurfing in both a safe and fun enviroment which delivers excellent results? Are you bored of your daily routine? Tired of sitting at home doing the same old thing? ... No time to lose then! You only live once, so come to Kite Progress Tarifa and try this truly incredible sport - because I can ensure you, you will not regret it one bit. 



To take a kite lesson is necessary companion for any begining or intermediate kiteboarder looking to become independent rider. Our certified IKO kiteboarding instructors will help you learn proper kiteboarding practices and techniques, outlining what should and schould not be done every step of the way throughout the learning process.

Kiteboarding is a dynamic water sport that can be practiced with varios wind and water conditions.

Providing you have the appropriate skill level, you can kiteboard in strong or light winds, and in waves as well as flat water. In Tarifa we have all those kinds of conditions because of that kiteboarding here  became so famous for to learn how to kitesurf, to enjoy kiteboarding and have some fun in this magic kiteboarding paradise.

We will give you useful tips on understanding the wind and choosing the right kiteboarding equipment, as well as a complete list of kiteboarding terminology. 



Kite Progress Tarifa is a kite school with 8 years of experience not only giving kitesurf lessons but also providing a 'supervision' service and renting-out our equipment too! Our team is very familiar with Tarifa; its beaches and its wind come as second nature to us. We are constantly capitalising on this knowledge and experience to ensure your lessons are the best they could possibly be. Every day we are reading the conditions and evaluating the equipment in order to provide the best conditions to teach kitesurfing safely, easily and quickly. Through our pragmatic, 'tried & tested' approach to instructing, our IKO certified (level 2 and level 2 senior) instructors tailor each lesson based on the level and individual needs of the pupil - an approach which has never failed to ensure our customers are 100% satisfied. Here at Kite Progress Kite School Tarifa we offer professionalism, commitment, experience and excellent organisation. Our basic principle is to "satisfy all our customers and create new kitesurfers"!!!

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    Kitesurfing Lessons Tarifa

    Are you looking for a place to learn kitesurfing in both a fun and safe environment, that delivers excellent results?

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    Kitesurfing lessons + Accommodation Package in Tarifa

    Are you looking for a kite lessons and comfortable accommodation in the wind capital city of Tarifa?

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    Hire & Rental Kitesurfing, Surfing and Paddle surfing equipment in Tarifa

    Are you looking for the best KITE, PADDLE SURF and SURF equipment to hire in Tarifa?

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