3 Days Kitesurfing Lessons in Tarifa

3 Days Kitesurfing Lessons in Tarifa

If you want to learn  to kitesurf, get up on the board and successfully complete your first run, choose the Pack Tarifa Kitesurfing 3 day lesson. By the end, you will have acquired the complete experience; from the first basic control of the kite on the beach, to body dragging in the water, to knocking on the head the water-start and completing your first run in both directions. Throughout the course, your instructor will guide you to become an independent kitesurfer. 



Group Lessons

12- hour course   240 euros
 9- hour course  180 euro

 The pack Tarifa Kitesurfing Course 3 days includes in the price: all equipment, insurance and IKO certificate!


In these three days you will learn with Kite Progress Tarifa:



From the 1st to 3rd hour:

 Wind Theory 
 Safety systems
 Set up kite
 Wind windows zone
 Theory and Practice of " self-rescue"
 Launching a Landing Kite
 Flying Kite with one hand
 Practice body dragging on the beach
 Pack Kite




From 3rd to 6th hour:

Body dragging in the Water 
Safe area  
Body dragging downwind
Flying kite in power zone
Relaunch the kite from the water
Upwind body drag (one handed)




From 6th to 9th hour:

Water start theory
Steady pull with the kite
Water start with both directions
Riding in both directions
Rights way
Gaining speed on the board



From 6th to 9th hour:

Breaking with the board
Retrieve the board upwind without leash
Correct body position
Look downwind
Practice both directions
Sailing upwind in both directions