Kitesurfing Lessons Prices in Tarifa

Kitesurfing Lessons Prices in Tarifa

From beginner to advanced, our IKO certified instructors offer a range of programs to meet the different needs of each individual student. The lessons at our kitesurfing school are available in English, Spanish, Italian, French, German and Czech. Lessons range from groups of 4 students per instructor, to semi-private lessons (2 students per instructor), to private lessons which will see you one-on-one with your own personal instructor. All the equipment for the lessons is provided by the school: kite, bar, board, wetsuit, safety jacket, helmet, harness and leash. Each lesson price includes accident/liability insurance and IKO certification. We constantly keep our equipment up to date; renewing our kites, bars and boards every six months and replacing with them with the very latest gear out on the market. All of our equipment is easy to use with excellent security systems. If deemed necessary, our instructors use radios to communicate with students whilst out on the water.


Kite lesson Tarifa from 4 hours per day:

Time Maximum of 4 students per course
4 hours per day 80 euros
8 hours per day 160 euros
12 hours per day 240 euros
16 hours per day 310 euros


Kite lesson Tarifa 3 hours per day:

Time Maximum of 4 students per course
3 hours per day 60 euros
6 hours per day 120 euros
9 hours per day 180 euros
12 hours per day 230 euros


Kite lesson Tarifa Semiprivate:

Time 2 to 1 (two students and one instructor)
2 hours per day 60 euros (each)
3 hours per day 90 euros (each)
4 hours per day 120 euros (each)


Kite lesson Tarifa Private:

Time 1 to 1 (one student and one instructor)
1 hour per day 50 euros
2 hours per day 100 euros
3 hours per day 150 euros