Private Kite Lesson in Tarifa

Private Kite Lesson in Tarifa

Private Course is for all people and all levels. If you are a beginner and you want to learn kiteboarding with your own instructor on 1-to-1 basis then the kitesurfing Private lesson is for you. You will be amazed how quickly you will progress.Under constant monitoring from Kite instructor, you will receive personally tailored suggestions to get you reaching your goals as soon as possible.We will make sure the program suits your personal desires and needs.You can do a Private lesson with an Instructor, who will answer all your question.


Kite Progress Tarifa offer you private lessons:

 1-hour lesson 50 euros
   2-hours lesson 100 euros
   3-hours lesson 150 euros

The pack Private kite course Tarifa include in the price: all equipment, insurance, and IKO certificate and transfer to the beach if necessary.


In these private lessons you will learn with Kite Tarifa Progress:

For beginners:

1-day beginner program: the basic control of the kite.
2-day intermediate program: from the self-rescue to upwind body drag with one hand.
3-day advanced program: the attempts at the water start to riding in both directions.

corso kitesurf tarifa privato


For advanced:

Improve the water start
Correct body position
Constant speed in both directions
Basic jump landed with control
Front and back roll
Change direction from both directions
Riding toeside and blind



Free-Wave Style:

 Wave riding with footstraps and without
 Basic unhooked jump
 Railey to toeside and blind
 Kiteloops with rotations
 Back and front mobe
 Handle Pass
 Freestyle surfing strapless
 And much much more ....