Semi-Private Kite Lesson 2 to 1 in Tarifa

Semi-Private Kite Lesson 2 to 1 in Tarifa

The moment, when you saw first time kitesurfing you knew, that is was your sport!You want to learn quickly and your goal is to jump as soon as possible! Get yours-self into a semi-private kiteboarding course with a friend or even come as a couple.Only with 2 students to 1 instructors.Kitesurfing lessons are more intensive which will mean you will progress more rapidly, an instructor will follow yours kitesurfing skills.We can promise you, that you will have a great time with our Kite school.


 Kite Progress Tarifa offer you two types of semi-private lesson:

3-hours  90 euros per person 
4-hours  120 euros per person 

Included in the price for the pack Tarifa kitesurfing semi-private lesson: all equipment, insurance, an IKO certificate and transfer to the beach if necessary. 


  With Kite Progress Tarifa you will learn:


For beginners:

1-day beginner program: the basic control of the kite.
2-day intermediate program: from the self-rescue to upwind body drag with one hand.
3-day advanced program: the attempts at the water start to riding in both directions.


For advanced:

Improve the water start
Correct body position
Constant speed in both directions
Basic jump landed with control
Front and back roll
Change direction from both directions
Riding toeside and blind