Kite Progress Team

Kite Progress Team

Our team of instructors have the expertise to teach kitesurfing in the most effective, safe and fun enviroment. We all have from 6 to 10 years of experience in the sport. We are all IKO level 2 and Senior 2 the highest level. Each of us has a different specialization including beginners and advanced courses for children. In addition, we can teach you the best of all disciplines: Freeride, freestyle, newschool, wave riding and racing. We all speak many languages, so communication isn't a problem.

Want to meet your future instructor? Want to know about our kiting and teaching experience? Each and everyone of us has something special to offer...


Nanu istruttore IKO kitesurf Tarifa


Origin: Czech Republic
Born: 1984
Iko instructor: Level 2 "Kite School Tarifa"
Languages: Spanish, English, Italian, Polish, Czech

Entered the world of kitesurfing in 2004. "It was tough(!) but finally I managed to get up on the board, and from that moment on I was in love with kitesurfing". She spent every moment, weather permitting, of her spare time riding. She found work as an assistant instructor at a kitesurfing school to gain experience of teaching this rapidly expanding sport. After 2 years, in the summer of 2006 she obtained the title of Certified IKO Instructor. She has taught ever since, almost every day, come rain or shine and she is not afraid of any kind of wind! One of the younger instructors and managers of the Tarifa Kitesurfing School, but with many hours of experience. She has plenty of energy and an easy going attitude :O) If you are looking for fun, adventure and want to learn kite safely you would do well to choose her ;o)