How to arrive to Tarifa

How to arrive to Tarifa

On this page we offer some information about how to arrive to Tarifa.

From the airports of Malaga, Sevilla, Jerez de la Frontera and Gibraltar you first have to take a bus to the centers of these cities, where it is possible to take a second bus to Tarifa.

Buses from Malaga

Tarifa – Málaga: 08:45; 15:45; 21:45
Málaga – Tarifa: 07:30; 13:30

During the low season there might not be direct buses from Malaga to Tarifa and you have to go via Algeciras. Below you can find the timetable for buses from Algeciras to Tarifa.

tarifa-algeciras timetable

Buses from Sevilla

Tarifa – Sevilla: 08:30; 12:30; 16:00; 17:00
Sevilla – Tarifa: 09:30; 14:00; 17:30; 20:00

Buses from Jerez de la Frontera

Tarifa – Jerez: 12:30
Jerez – Tarifa: 21:20

Buses from Gibraltar

When coming to Tarifa from Gibraltar you first have to cross the border to Spain. From La Linea de Concepción (a town right across the border in Spain) it is possible to take a bus to Tarifa.The bus station is about 10 minute walk away from the crossing point.

Tarifa La Linea de Concepción: 12:00; 12:25; 16:55; 18:15; 20:25; 23:15 
La Linea de Concepción  Tarifa: 7:00; 7:30; 11:30; 15:00; 16:00; 20:00