Kitesurfing Lessons Offer in Tarifa from 15th November 2014 to 15th March 2015

Kitesurfing Lessons Offer in Tarifa from 15th November 2014 to 15th March 2015

Offer for kitesurfing gear rental, kitesurfing lessons for all levels and accommodation in apartment, hotel or kite house.

Here you'll discover all the kitesurfing offers in Tarifa, valid from November 15th, 2014 to March 15th, 2015. You will find also detailed information about wind statistics, temperatures, beach access and use, and a series of FAQs that will help you to plan your extreme experience with Kite Progress Tarifa.

Kitesurfing lessons offers from November 15th, 2014 to March 15th, 2015.

Kite lesson is available for all levels, from beginners who never handled a kite to intermediate kiters who want to improve their riding skills or learn basic and advanced jumps and tricks. If you already did a kitesurfing lesson we will review the basics and start again from your level.

Course days Course hours Daily price Course days Course hours Daily price
1 Day 3 hours 50 euro 1 Day 4 hours 65 euro
2 Days hours 100 euro 2 Days hours 130 euro
Days hours 150 euro Days 12 hours 195 euro
Days 12 hours 200 euro Days 16 hours 260 euro
Extra day hours 50 euro  Extra day hours 65 euro

Rates include: IKO instructor, all the necessary equipment (kite, bar, board, harness, wetsuit, life vest, helmet), accidents and public-liability insurance, IKO certificate and round-trip transports from your accommodation to the kite zone.

Kitesurfing equipment rental offer from 15th November 2014 to 15th March 2015

If you already know how to ride and you are an independent kitesurfer you can rent the full equipment. We have 2014 and 2015 North kites (Evo, Vegas and Neo) and boards (Gonzales and X-ride). We also have boards specifically designed for wave style. Daily prices, from 10.00 to 20.00. Moreover we advise you day by day about the best spot, depending on wind direction and strength, and we give you the kite suitable for your needs. 

Rental days Equipment rental price 
Day  50 euro
Days 100 euro
Extra day 50 euro

Rental prices include all the necessary kitesurf equipment

Accommodation offer from 15th November 2014 to 15th March 2015

With the kitesurfing lessons or equipment rental offers you can have special prices on accommodation in the surf-house or in the hotels we work with. Prices are valid only with the pack course or rental + accommodation. They are not valid for accommodation only. The hotel is located in the centre of Tarifa, 150 mts away from the old city's door, and it's very lovely and cosy. In the hotel you can take advantage of Wi-Fi, coffee bar, internet point and attended kitesurf equipment storage with no additional costs. The surf-house instead is located in front of the lagoon of Los Lances, in the kitesurf zone, 50 mts away from our Kite Center. It's a big house with 5 bedrooms, a wide living-room, 2 bathrooms, kitchen and a private garden with BBQ. Besides that, there is a bar-restaurant with Wi-fi, grill and pizzeria right to the side. The surf-house can accommodate up to 16 guests, divided in the different rooms.

Price per night Hotel single room Hotel double room Kitesurf-house
 1 night 30 euro 40 euro 25 euro
night 60 euro 80 euro 50 euro
night 90 euro 120 euro 75 euro
extra night  30 euro 40 euro 25 euro

* Price does not include breakfast in the hotel, that costs 5 euro per day

Wind statistics in Tarifa

Wind statistics for kitesurfing in Tarifa

The graphic shows the windy days rates in Tarifa for each month. The statistics refer to a minimum value of 4 Beaufort, from 11 to 17 knots. According to them the lowest wind rate is 70%, that is anyway much higher than many other kitesurfing spots. This means that in one week there are at least 5 days with good quality wind. The highest rate is 95%, in July.

Temperatures in Tarifa

Temperatures for kitesurfing in Tarifa

The graphic of temperature shows the year-round minimum and maximum temperatures in Tarifa. Daytime maximum temperatures oscillate from a minimum of 16 degrees in February to a maximum of 35 degrees in August. In winter, from November to February, there is a very high probability of finding sunny days with more than 20 degrees, depending on winds' direction.