IKO kitesurf Instructor course, international instructor certification

IKO kitesurf Instructor course, international instructor certification

Become an IKO kitesurf instructor

IKO certification is internationally recognized

If you want to make your passion for kitesurf your job, become an IKO instructor. IKO offers a reliable and professional training course. Instructors become IKO certified by attending the 5 days Instructor Training Course (ITC). The training program corresponds to the last kitesurfing teaching methods and knowledge. IKO certification is the only one internationally recognized. At the end of the course, you will have acquired the main knowledge regarding safety areas, organization and analysis of the practice zone, technique and psychology of teaching. Everything is based on a real and practical training. After attending the ITC you will be qualified as IKO Instructor level 1, and will be able to work as an instructor in a kitesurf school. Then, If you decide to become Instructor level 2, you will be able to attend the next training courses through the online education, like Teaching to kids and disabled people. IKO trains up instructors since 2001, is active in 39 countries and counts on more than 130 Affiliated Centers all over the world and hundreds of schools working only with IKO instructors. Once you become instructor, IKO provides a Network with job opportunities from all over the world.

IKO instructor course - class room

Benefits with IKO:
- Access to the pro area of the website
- Able to purchase the instructor insurance
- Able to purchase products at special prices
Access to the job opening listings
Post your professional profile viewable to eveybody
Post a seeking employment ad in our special area


IKO instructor - beach practicePrerequisites for the course:
Be at least 18 years old
Kiteboarding for at least 1 year with a level 3n minimum (jumping and riding toe side)
Having attended the AITC Assistant Instructor course (we have one scheduled 4 days before the ITC)
Having attended a First Aid MFA course (we have one scheduled the day before the ITC)
Pass the online Pre-ITC course
Must be able to read, write and speak fluently in the language the course is given (english)
Must be able to drive a powerboat
Sign the waiver form

This year Kite Progress Tarifa as a IKO Affiliated Center arranges 1 convocations for the Instructor course.
If you haven't done the AITC Assistant Instructor course and the MFA First Aid you can attend them here before the ITC.

In 10 days you will become an IKO certified Instructor.

2015 Convocations dates

Date Lenguages Kind Examiner / Trainer

15 - 19 Marzo Esp AITC Marco Middei
23 - 26 Marzo Esp ITC Daniele Olivieri

12 - 16  April Esp AITC Marco Middei
26 - 30 April Esp ITC Mariano Lorenzetti


Educational material provided by the IKO Center (included in the registration fee):

Before and during the course:
Pre-ITC online printable Manuals for IKO Instructors
ITC Manual printed in ENGLISH
1 book "kiteboarder's workbook"
5 IKO cards with on-line feed back for your first students

After you pass the Exam:
IKO Member Card (Sent by IKO after the course)
IKO level 1 Instructor Diploma
2 years IKO membership fee
Level 2 upgrade fee (after you total up to 160 hours teaching, with no expiry)

IKO instructor course - rescue practiceIKO instructor course - mfa practice











 Course Type Prices
 AITC 500 Euros (IKO membership fee included)
MFA 110 euro 
ITC 890 euro

(200 euro deposit must be sent before the course date to confirm the registration, the rest must be paid on the first day of the course)
* MFA is optional if you have a equivalent valid certificate, obtained in the last 2 years
* AITC is optional if you are able to demonstrate that you have already worked as Assistant Instructor in a kitesurf school.


 Affiliated accommodation varies from 20 to 40 Euros per day
Must be paid in advance. It can be in hotel or apartment.